Where do our biases come from?

First, where we grow up is instrumental to the views we have. I grew up in Adenta in Ghana, and I quite remember how I used to take my parents, friends, and any other Adult opinion seriously till they equipped me enough to fact-check or saw otherwise. The people we communicate with day in and day out are incremental to our knowledge gain. Unfortunately, they also have biases, and our communities give us a biased view of how life is on this planet.

Giving us a personal bias, I do not blame them since we as humans are ultimately individualistic in our perception of experiences before we can think for ourselves. They place us in another institution, a school. Schools are valuable from personal experience and many others. I engaged teachers who teach outdated worldviews and force them on nonconformist students because they learned something when they went to school, and they describe this world to the students with no ill intentions. The books we used were outdated in a world that always changes and there is no practice in keeping the teaching material up to date, so that’s our focus.

So we have these outdated facts added on top of our personal bias. Unfortunately, before we wake, we meet the media for the news! The media are not entirely aiming to outline its stories since it needs to gain massive attention from the audiences. An excellent journalist knows how their narrative will make headlines, and people will read it because they are sensational. Now guess what? Unusual events are provocative, the media takes advantage of this and exaggerates the stories, especially things that give us nightmares. A locust attack on a farm will get headlines for a week in any Country. So these three skewed sources of information are hard to get away from the bombard us, overwhelm us, and equip our mind with strange ideas onto that we add the worst Atomic bomb our very own cognitive bias.

That was instrumental 30,000 years ago, helped us generalize and develop flight senses needed for survival. We then get an illusion of confidence, where we believe we are the best athletes, smartest students, and perfect humans. But with our worldview, it is the exact reason we are inverses the patterns that are increasing are instead of falling and another way around, and it becomes our weakness instead of our strength.

So how do we solve such problems? Humans being biologically programmed to take the path of least resistance, and daily fact-checking is a massive bore that can cause millions to jump off skyscrapers here. We have to measure it. We can understand the patterns we miss, break the denial cage, we accept we are wrong, so we check the facts now that you have your remedy to bias.

Sammy is a 20yr old avid reader and productivity junkie with an unquenchable curiosity and has an array of interests he writes about on Reddit and medium.