3 am

Samuel Atta Amponsah
2 min readMar 14, 2022

3 AM, A time he is too familiar with, and as the clock by his bedside read 3 AM, he knew he was supposed to be asleep yet he was wide awake with millions of thoughts running in his mind.

3 AM, It was his thoughts came to life, and he got lost in them, it's the time where you can see his house being the only one with the light on yet it felt like darkness was all around him, engulfing him in their cold arms and embracing him in their darkness.

3 AM is when he remembers her the most

She was always next to him when his thoughts took over to hug him so tight so that he can fall asleep, darkness never stood a chance, when he was with her for she was the brightest light there was but as he laid in bed alone wide awake with a million thoughts running in his head he wished for her soothing hands to calm the turmoil inside him and put him to sleep; he wished to lie on her chest and listen to her heartbeat and fall asleep with it like music in his ears

3 AM he wonders if she is awake now if she feels the ache that he feels at the moment, he wonders if she also thinks of the time they spent in this magical hour.

He also wonders how many people out there feel the most awake and feel the beauty that is in it, do they feel the most alive during this time, or does the darkness ruin it and they lay awake like him wishing for the magic that was in it to return, would they also feel the loneliness and longing that he feels at the moment?

He feels the most vulnerable yet he never noticed it for she made him strong and protected him from the demons that lurk and now as he lays in an empty bed he feels it the most.

He longs for sleep; he longs for the sun most of all he longs for her touch; he wishes for her hugs and love that made this hour magical without his 3 Am magic and without her it has just become another sleepless hour where he lies awake lost in his dark thoughts with dim lights and cold bed; he knows with everything in him that without her 3 AM is just a time in a day where he lays awake with his dark thoughts wrapped around him like a blanket.



Samuel Atta Amponsah

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